About Summit


About Summit


Sam Warren

Embarking on skis at the age of 3 and starting my ski instructor journey at 16, my lifelong passion for skiing has led me to discover my ideal haven here in Zermatt.

With a recent graduation in physiotherapy, I bring a unique blend of knowledge to the slopes, merging the thrill of skiing with a deep understanding of body mechanics.

Whether you’re stepping onto the snow for the first time or honing your skills, join me in experiencing the sheer joy of skiing against the breathtaking backdrop of Zermatt’s snow-covered peaks. Let’s create unforgettable moments while mastering the art of skiing together!



Qualified through

BASI (British Association of Snowsports Instructors)



From: Dublin/Ireland

Teaching Since: 2019

In the summer

Beyond the slopes, I work as a physiotherapist in a hospital setting, trade in the mountains for the sea as I share my passion for sailing as an instructor, and cherish moments with friends and family. Always seek new adventures, whether exploring uncharted territories or trying a new adrenaline-filled sport.

My Zermatt insider tip is:
Ski the yellow runs, best runs in the resort and there’s no one on them.
If I wasn't a Summit instructor:

If I weren’t a ski instructor, I’d likely lean towards something adventurous or involving helping others. Exploring further in the realm of physiotherapy. On the other hand, sailing around the world and documenting the journey also sounds cool.

3 reasons to ski with me:

1. I bring enthusiasm to every lesson making skiing an adventure.

2. I am patient and composed offering a comfortable learning environment.

3. Lessons are personalised to match your pace and style, ensuring a customised and effective learning experience.