About Summit


About Summit


Sam Farquharson

Growing up in Zermatt, skiing is and always has been a big part of my life. I’d hit the slopes for some off-piste fun or tour the Alps with family and friends. There is nothing quite like being up in the alps on a beautiful powder day!

My dad, a mountain guide, influenced my love for skiing and the outdoors. So, becoming a ski teacher felt right for me. I am also currently at university studying to be an Outdoor & Adventure education teacher, and everything fits together perfectly. It’s not just a job, it’s something I’ve always done and Loved.

It feels like a natural progession to pass that joy on to others, a legacy from my dad. 🙂



Qualified through

BASI (British Association of Snowsports Instructors) 



From: Zermatt

Teaching Since: 2022

In the summer

When winter’s done and summer rolls in, I ditch the ski jacket and gear up in a wetsuit! Last summer, I spent my time getting certified and working as a scuba dive instructor in Malta. I’m all about ocean activities, from swimming to catching waves while surfing.

Beyond the waves, I’m also into rugby – a sport I really enjoy. I play for my university’s team, and it’s one of my top pastimes when I’m not hitting the slopes or exploring the sea. Balancing the thrill of snow, the vastness of the ocean, and the camaraderie on the rugby field makes for an all-around awesome mix in my life. 🙂

My Zermatt insider tip is:
The North Wall Bar for the best Pizza in Zermatt!
If I wasn't a Summit instructor:

I would chase the summer and continue diving

3 reasons to ski with me:

1. I am really passionate about teaching and will be sure to help you on your ski journey with a smile on my face!

2. Growing up here definetly has its benefits, ill be sure to give you all the insider knowledge you require!

3. Being half Swiss & half Scottish means I picked up my dad’s accent. Learning to ski with a Scottish accent? Who wouldn’t want that!