Summit information


Summit information

Ski Levels

What level am I?

There are more to levels then ‘beginner, intermediate and advanced’…

Knowing your ski level will mean you can choose the right adult group to join. If you are having a private lesson then let us know your level when you book so we can match you with the right instructor.

Level 1

I have never skied before

Level 2

I’m a blue run skier and would like to improve my turning technique and move toward parallel skiing.

Level 3

I’m starting to venture onto easy red runs. I am ready to gain confidence skiing parallel on these pistes.

Level 4

I can ski most red runs but would like to improve my technique so that I can comfortably tackle tricky snow conditions, steeper slopes and even a black run.

Level 5

I am a black run skier and am generally happy on all pisted slopes. I am keen to improve my carving and short turns as well as learn how to ski moguls and variable snow conditions.

Level 6

I can ski the whole mountain with confidence. I am looking to push my technical level and be challenged by skiing faster on more difficult terrain.