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We have spent a long time in Zermatt now. We do not profess to be born and bred locals, but between us we have a huge amount of experience in and around the mountains in Zermatt and all over the world.

Here you will find articles about what we enjoy about living in the Alps. Please have a look and enjoy, if you have any suggestions for interesting posts then let us know what you’d be interested to read about in the comments at the bottom of the page.


How to prepare for your first snowboarding lesson.

So you’ve decided you want to learn to snowboard? Here are our steps to get ready Booking a lesson is the best way to kickstart your involvement in this incredible sport. You may as well clear your diary of all

Niamh Gale 5 months ago
About Zermatt Skiing

What to check before you head up skiing in Zermatt

This isn’t the obvious list to make sure you have your goggles, gloves etc. I’m

Henry Meredith Hardy 6 months ago
Ski technique


Hell yeah! Well, I would say that wouldn’t I? But there’s real good reasons I

Paul Hammett 7 months ago
Ski technique

What is your preferred learning style, and what does this mean during a ski school lesson?

Learning styles are a hot topic when talking about psychology and education. Learning styles are

Steve Jones 8 months ago
Coronavirus Instructor training Skiing

How Skiing Can Improve Your Mental Health?

Exercise The overall health benefits of sports and exercise are well documented. It is common

Alex Willard 9 months ago
Instructor training Ski technique Skiing

Be a skier and a ski instructor

The process of becoming an instructor has changed a lot over the last decade or

Henry Meredith Hardy 9 months ago
About Zermatt

Keeping Busy on a chairlift – The Wildlife of Zermatt

When skiing it is inevitable that we spend a proportion of our time on chair

Brittany Miller 10 months ago