Maximum improvements
Minimal cost!

When you want to train for exams but also need to work as much as you can.

These weekly sessions are designed to help you take big steps in your technical skiing without impacting your opportunities to work as a ski teacher.

Saturdays are generally the quietest days workwise

So we use them to train in all the strands and prepare for technical exams. Sessions will run throughout the winter and you can sign up by the day or for all twelve sessions.  We’ll use a variety of performance threads and coaches to make sure you’re getting all aspects of development.

This is for you if

  • You want to improve your technique throughout the winter
  • You want regular inputs to your skiing that you can take away and practise
  • You don’t want to miss full weeks of teaching work
  • You don’t need to spend full weeks training to improve
  • You don’t need feedback after every training run
  • You’re able to think about your skiing even when a coach isn’t watching you

This is not for you if

  • You prefer to train for multiple days at a time
  • You are unable to focus on skiing outside of the coaching environment
  • You’re unable to measure your performance without a coach telling you how you skied

We’ll also make sure you leave each session with an understanding of what changes are required and how you can focus on them throughout the week.

Whether this means a focus or feeling you try to maintain while teaching, or something to practise on that last run after work, you should expect to keep making progress through the week.

In addition, you will have the ability to communicate with coaches using CoachNow and check in to ensure you’re on the right track when making changes on days other than a Saturday.


Coaching will be available on the following Saturdays through the season

December 2nd – Piste performance, early season baseline video
December 9th – Piste performance development session
December 15th – Piste performance lapping session
January 6th – Variables
January 13th – Piste
January 20th – Variables
January 27th – Furgg lapping session
February 3rd – Bumps
February 10th – Piste
February 24th – Variables
March 2nd – Bumps
March 9th – Furgg lapping session

(This is an idea of the sessions, join the Spond group to see what is happening week to week)

Video analysis

We’ll use a group in CoachNow to upload all the videos and keep a training record of what you are working on and how your development is going.


  • Season Pass

    Have the flexibility to come to all or as many of the sessions as you want.

  • 6 sessions

    Choose any 6 sessions you fancy joining in on.

  • Individual sessions

    Pay as you go

Booking conditions
Level of skiing
For all our performance courses you should be a confident red run skier.
For instructor training courses the ski level is relevant to the level of the course
Minimum number of people required
Minimum of 2 people to run the group
Groups with 3 people will run 0900-1200
Groups with 4+ people will run full days


Download the Spond app and join the Summit Saturday Sessions Group. Once you are signed up then you will be able to register for each session you are interested in. 

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