About Summit


About Summit


Maja Lager

In 2004, my parents introduced me to skiing for the first time, and I’m immensely grateful for that because it marked the beginning of my journey as a skier. As a child, we had only one small slope close to our home, but nearly every weekend, we would be there, practicing our pizza turns.

Two years ago, I relocated to Åre, Sweden’s largest ski resort, where I had a better opportunity to improve my skills. This time, it wasn’t just about pizza turns; Åre taught me so much about skiing and teaching. Now, I’m thrilled to have the chance to both ski and teach here in Zermatt.

Skiing is more than just a sport to me, and being an instructor is about more than teaching you how to become your best. It’s about passion; skiing is my greatest passion, and I hope to share that passion with you.

Experiencing that moment of realisation when you understand what to do and how to apply it to your own skiing is my favourite feeling in the world. I hope I can help you achieve that same feeling



Qualified through

SLAO (Svenska Skidanläggningars Organisation)



From: Sweden

Teaching Since: 2023

In the summer

When the snow melts, I still like to be in the mountains, whether it’s downhill mountain biking, trail running, or just a hike. I will sign up for almost everything if it includes being outside. Honestly, it could also just be a day lying out in the sun. Sometimes it’s nice to let the adrenaline junkie inside of you rest.

My Zermatt insider tip is:
Through my uncle (who is basically a local) I have the greatest inside information on all the best lunch spots.
If I wasn't a Summit instructor:
If I weren’t an instructor, I would still like to work with people. Some time in the future, a dream of mine would be to work with human rights.
3 reasons to ski with me:

1. Passion for skiing: When you ski with me, you’ll be guided by someone who genuinely loves the sport and is excited to share that enthusiasm with you.

2. Personalised Learning: Every skier is unique, and I understand that. I’m dedicated to providing personalised instruction to help you achieve your skiing goals.

3. Social skills: I’m an easy going person. Regardless if you are looking for someone to have a nice chairlift chat with or if you are looking for someone patient and educational for your kids, I am your girl!