COVID Masks for skiing


We have to wear masks on lifts and in queues. Here are some COVID masks for skiing we have tried and tested…

Covid mask for skiing

They are everywhere now, and whether you have a preference or not there are lots of variations out there. There are also rules of what you can wear from the government and the resorts so it’s worth paying attention, sticking to the rules so we can all keep skiing. Even as we move into next season mask wearing could be a thing so it’s worth finding something you like wearing!

Here are some of the masks we have been using this season.

Covid mask for skiing


Depending on your country and resort there are regulations on what masks are allowed. It’s important to know this. For us here in Zermatt these are the relevant links to all that information:

Zermatt bergbahnen rules

Swiss COVID-19 Task Force mask recommendations

Swiss Federal office of Public Health mask info


This is our default one for the winter. The team have them as part of this year’s uniform. It’s convenient as like a buff its round your neck and easy to put on and off when you need it without hooking over your ears.

On a long cold day on the hill it can freeze pretty solid but with a quick stretch it’s all good to go again.

Covid mask for skiing
Covid mask for skiing


Similar to the above mask but it hooks around the ears. It’s comfortable and the ear loops are stretchy enough to pull it down without pulling your ears off so you can keep your helmet on. 

Covid mask for skiing
Covid mask for skiing


The basic one you can pick up in the supermarket or pharmacy. It does the job, it’s not great when it gets really wet. Plus you can’t wash and reuse so you get through a lot of them.

Our view is this is good to have in your pocket as a spare but it’s not the best one for every day use.

Covid mask for skiing
Covid mask for skiing


The Zhik website says ‘Personal protection made for water! This super comfortable mask can be worn for extended periods and is suitable for any activity’. We thought this could be an interesting one to try as we are in the cold, sometimes wet and wearing it all day.

It works well as it doesn’t freeze solid in the cold and dries quickly.

Covid mask for skiing
Covid mask for skiing


The buff, or neck tube doesn’t cut it in terms of COVID-19, use it to keep your neck warm but not to protect yourself from viruses.

So best not to go that way so we can all keep on skiing!

Covid mask for skiing

That’s our mask round up for now. If you are reading this and have any great masks for skiing that we have missed then let us know.

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Henry is one of the owners of Summit and has been in Zermatt since 2000. He came to the mountains to ski and still loves it. Henry also works as a trainer for BASI and heads up out various training programs.

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