Zermatt ski guides

Discover a great DAY out as a red run skier in zermatt

As an intermediate skier in Zermatt there is no end to the terrain available to discover.

This plan is possible to ski in a day or break it up into different sections and go off and explore.

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Start at Sunnegga

Funicular from town

Lots of lunch options

Across the mountain

Ski the whole area

Cover all three areas in one day

Finish in town

At the south end of town by the bus

Start at the Sunnegga express

Sunnegga is a great place to start for intermediate skiers. You can head up the Sunnegga Express first thing, at the top spend a moment taking in the view before clipping your skis on and heading down run 6 (blue) to Findeln.

Head up the Findeln Express back towards Sunnegga (go under the chair and then get on the far side as it is a two way chair). Off the top turn right and under the tunnel and you can get on the Blauherd Express (a chair/bubble combo) using the chairlift. The blue run No 7 back to Sunnegga is a fun rolling run. There’s one steep bit but you can avoid this by staying to the right and taking the path instead.

From here you can repeat that if a red run feels like too much or carry on around Sunnegga staying right down Red Number 4. This is a great run through the trees down to the Patrullarve chairlift. Head up the chair and take Run No 9 back to the Patrullarve chair to Blauherd.

Hop on the Cable car up to Rothorn, another epic view point of the whole ski area.

Leaving the summit head down the wide rolling blue run to the junction and the piste bears round to the left. This starts as Blue 14 and into Red 15 all the way down to Tuftern and the new 10 person bubble that will whisk you back up to Rothorn in 10 minutes.

This time as you ski down the blue instead of turning left stay to the right and join Red 11. If you have lunch booked in Findeln or want to stay on the Sunnegga side then you can repeat any variation of these.

To carry on our Itinerary then as you head down Run 11 at the bottom of the steep pitch there is a junction and one of the big red piste signs. Take the left turn here down Run 19 towards Gant. Depending on how fast you have been moving then Restaurant Fluhalp is a great spot for a coffee or to stop for lunch, with uninterrupted views this mountain hut feels like you are miles from anywhere.

From Gant you want to take the big cable car up to Hohtälli. TOPTIP – As you leave the cable car station put your skis down and turn round to the right through the gap in the buildings where you will find one of the best viewpoints. To the left looking at the Monte Rosa Massif and the Dufourspitze, the second highest peak in Europe at 4634m above sea level then over the glacier as you pan right past Lyskamm, Pollux, Castor & Breithorn to the Matterhorn. By the time you have had a look and taken a couple of photos head back to put your skis on and there will be no one there, and you’ll have the piste to yourself.

If you are nervous on narrow runs then waiting till you have a little peace and quiet here is good, there are two switchbacks at the top that are quite narrow and then it starts to open up a little. If you are keen for miles (or it’s time to head back to Sunnegga) then turn right at the next big red sign (under the cable car) down Number 28 – The White Hare. It’s a great run, you can always find a time it’s not too busy and it’s over 1000 vertical metres back to Gant. If you are heading on then stay left and along red 44 which is a big traverse over to Gornergrat.

Once you are in the Gornergrat area there are a selection of blues and a red off the Gifthittli chairlift that are all great for intermediate skiers. Once you head below Riffelberg you are on a red run down to Furi. Once you have negotiated the gallery there’s some great skiing, on the newly widened piste. If it’s lunchtime then at Riffelalp you have Alphitta or Al Bosco both are great spots with awesome views.

By this stage in the day the legs may be starting to feel it so you can pick and choose any bits of the rest of the route. Either way you’ll take the short bubble ride up to Furi (if it feels like a hassle, it’s better than walking it which used to be the way!) hop on the Matterhorn Express and head up if you are almost done, hop out at Schwarzsee (see below for the way down). If there’s loads left in the tank then stay on up to Trockener Steg. Seeing as you are here, why not hop on the 3S all the way to Klein Matterhorn. Another epic view, and the highest lift in Europe.

Now it’s time for a long ski down.

Zermatt ski guides

Intermediate Itinerary Recommendations

Start time
Whenever works for you.

Things to watch out for
The steep bit of the Blauherd blue run 7 can be intimidating if you are nervous. The last pitch of red 3 to the village, sometimes known as ‘the wall of death’ is steep and gets busy at the end of the day.

Chez Vrony