Helping you find the information to make travel easier.

For the winter 21/22 season we will keep this page updated with our list of resources and information to help anyone who is interested in travelling to the Alps. As we have all seen the constant changes make navigating your way through this challenging. 

So here are our top tips for  travelling this winter.

We are following the safety protocols of the ”Clean & Safe” campaign, supported by Switzerland Tourism.


Trying to figure out if you are allowed to travel to a country is not as easy as it was! This website allows you to select your destination, where you are coming from, whether you are vaccinated and what passport you hold, and then tells you if you can and what is required to enter that country.

Entering Switzerland

The Swiss Governments ‘travel check website’ is much the same as above but specifically for Switzerland being the offical government site it is hopefully as up to date and accurate as you can get

Once you have the green light to travel then you need to fill in this form to enter Switzerland.

Booking with Summit

Book online:

  • Book & pay for all of your lessons online so you do not need to come into our office

If you come to our office we have the following measures in place:

  • Maximum 2 people in the office at once
  • Perspex protection on desk
  • Hand sanitiser available
  • Masks compulsory


  • Cancel up to 1 week in advance with full refund
  • If lifts are closed due to COVID, we will not charge you for any cancelled lessons
  • See full terms & conditions

    • No handshaking
    • Instructors carry hand sanitiser
    • Everyone to wear a mask when meeting
    • Instructor can wear mask if client requests throughout lesson
    • We will endeavor to find the quietest lifts


    • Compulsory mask use on all lifts, lift stations and queues
    • Social distancing in queues
    • Cable car, bubble, trains can only be 2/3rds full
    • Hand sanitiser available


    • No need to wear mask
    • Maintain social distance


    • Restaurants are open

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