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Can I take a private lesson for my kids?

Yes of course. We have instructors who are especially adept at teaching children and will make sure your kids have a ball while they learn.

Where do I meet my instructor for private lessons?

Wherever you like. We would suggest meeting by one of the ski lifts to get the most ski time but if you would like your instructor to meet you at the hotel then that is no problem at all.

What languages are private lessons taught in?

We have instructors who can teach in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.

Can I share a private lesson with someone who is a different level?

Yes, you can organise the private lesson however you like. If your levels are very different, it may be better for the instructor to spend half of it with one person and half with the other. It is best if you discuss it with the instructor directly.

What’s the difference between private lessons and guiding?

A private lesson will focus on making you better at skiing/snowboarding. This will normally involve assessing your current level, making a plan of what you’d like to change and then learning/practicing skills to help you develop. This could, in theory, happen while just looping around the same lift all day.

How many lessons will I need as a beginner?

Good question. One lesson will introduce you to the basics of the equipment, controlling speed and turning. You will need more than one lesson before you can safely head out onto the slopes. We’d suggest a minimum of 3 half days to start. That way you get time to practice and learn.

Should my child wear a helmet?

We would recommend that all children wear a helmet. In Italy it is a legal requirement that children under 16 wear helmets.

Do children get an award at the end of the week?

We have our own certificate of achievement that the instructor will fill out and give the child. This gives each child a few goals and tasks through the week, details what they have done and the skills they’ve learned. It also suggests the group the instructor thinks would be the right one to join next time.

Do I need to book kids groups in advance?

We would recommend you book kids groups as early as you can. We have a maximum of 6 in a group and only a few kids groups running.

Will the group definitely run?

YES. Our groups never get cancelled. If there is only 1 person in the group, it will run for 2 hours instead of 3 hours.

What happens if I choose the wrong level group?

At the start of the week the groups will start in similar areas and so the instructors can check everyone is the correct level. We will try and move you to an appropriate level if you are in the wrong group.

Where do Summit groups meet?

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – Top of the Sunnegga Express by the big piste map Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday – At Furi, outside the lift station. This gives us the chance to show you the whole ski area during the week. Adult and kids groups meet in the same place

What languages are Summit groups taught in?

English. We teach the groups only in English so there is no repeating tasks and feedback in lots of languages. The aim is to spend as much time skiing as possible.

What is the maximum group size?

Our adult groups have a maximum of 4 per instructor. This makes sure everyone has huge amounts of individual feedback and the group get the maximum amount of skiing in.

Why are Summit groups so small?

Our groups are designed to maximise improvement. Bigger groups lead to more time waiting for others and less time having the instructor’s focus on you individually. Although very sociable, those traditionally huge ski school groups definitely slow down progression. If you want to improve your skiing and be sociable while

Can my instructor take me to Italy?

Yes, if you are a good skier and meet early you can head over there in a half-day lesson, but if you really want to explore the ski area it is better to do it for the full day. Your instructor will then be able to take you to one of the great restaurants over there.

Do you have lift queue priority?

No, none of the ski schools in Zermatt has lift queue priority.

Can my instructor take me off piste?

We do have a instructors qualified to take you off piste. It is really important that you clarify this at booking.

Are your instructors qualified?

Yes, most of our team are qualified through the British instructor system. All our instructors will have completed a minimum of 5 weeks exams and 2 seasons teaching before being considered for a place on the team.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation more than a week in advance is free of charge. Cancellation within a week, lessons are charged at 50%. Cancellation within 24 hours results in a 100% charge.

Should I book in advance?

If you know what you want, then yes. We can’t guarantee availability last minute. The busiest times (when last minute availability is most limited) are Christmas and New Year, mid February school holidays and late March / early April spring holidays.

Are lessons available all year?

Yes. We offer a full range of lessons through the winter season (mid-December to mid-April) and private lessons through the rest of the year. Even in summer!

How do I book?

If you know what you’re after, just head to our online booking page and get yourself booked in. If you aren’t sure what you want to book, fill out our contact form and we’ll suggest the best lessons for you or send you some options. If you’d rather chat about it then give us a ring anytime.

Where do I rent equipment?

There are lots of shops in Zermatt that rent everything you might need. It might make sense to choose a shop close to your accommodation. Bayard Sports opposite the train station (near our office) and at the bottom of the Sunnegga Express offer Summit clients a 20% discount on equipment

You have a maximum of 4 in a group lesson, can I have more in a private lesson?

Yes, you can have as many as you like in a private lesson. Just be aware if there are too many the instructor will be spending the whole lesson counting people to check everyone is there!

What do I need to rent?

You’ll need skis, boots and poles. You can also rent helmets if you don’t have one (recommended). If you don’t have suitable clothing (warm and wind/waterproof) then you can rent that at Bayard Sports too. As a complete beginner, you don’t need to worry about choosing equipment. Just tell the

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