COVID Update – January 7th 2021

zermatt is open, it is quiet but skiing continues

Zermatt saw the quietest New Year’s Eve in a very long time, the new year rolled in and life carries on. The last couple of weeks have been extremely cold so everyone is figuring out how to deal with that with nowhere to go inside and warm up. There has been some snow and the conditions are pretty good. Now we move out of the peak season the mountain is very quiet indeed.



Due to the R rate in Valais rising over 1 stricter measures have been put in place, including all shops having to close at 7pm and all shops closed on Sundays.


The closure of restaurants on and off the mountain, sporting facilities etc that came in on the 26th which were supposed to last until Jan 22nd has now been extended 5 weeks until the end of February.

This latest set of measures also prevents any canton with an R rate under 1 applying for relaxation of the measures and there will be a review on Wednesday 13th January where things may get stricter.

Latest measures

See the latest measures here:

Special provisions for ski resorts



New cases in Switzerland

As a whole in Switzerland the numbers are coming down gently, and the R rate remains under 1.

New cases in Valais

Cases in Valais have taken a turn and headed up, and the R rate is over 1 hence the stricter measures in place.

The situation in Zermatt

We have some new runs open, the snow making is going full speed and the conditions are fantastic. It has been incredibly cold for the last few weeks which has provided a few challenges, but looks like it is warming up a little in the coming week.

Matterhorn Paradise lift pass policy re COVID for winter 20/21

In a nutshell if you book your lift pass online but can’t make it out to Zermatt due to travel bans, you or persons cloasely associated catching COVID-19 or resort facilities being closed due to federal or cantonal authorities then you will be issued with a credit note for the lift pass that is valid for 5 years. There are other insurance options and some lift passes are not valid for the credit note scheme so be sure to check the terms and conditions in detail.

Henry Meredith Hardy

Henry Meredith Hardy

Henry is one of the owners of Summit and has been in Zermatt since 2000. He came to the mountains to ski and still loves it. Henry also works as a trainer for BASI and heads up out various training programs.

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