COVID update – September 2nd 2020

As the summer holidays draw to a close it’s the time of year we would all be getting excited about skiing. This year we are still excited but there is so much uncertainty ahead. Here at Summit we are keeping a close eye on how this evolves and are going to publish a post every fortnight with a simple look at the numbers, what has changed in Switzerland and Zermatt so you have accurate up to date information from the Alps.



One big change at a cantonal level is that from this today here in Valais masks are now compulsory in all shops. They have been in use on all lifts and public transport all summer. 

We think this step seems like a good decision to help try and manage the spread.


The bad news from last week is that the UK placed Switzerland on the quarantine list. This obviously will impact how easily people can travel here. 

We have been put on the list as it’s stepped over the UK 20/100,000 limit. Swiss COVID testing is widespread, readily available and free, so we think this artificially inflates the numbers vs other countries who might test less. Hopefully we won’t be on the list for too long.


New cases in Switzerland

Testing became free at the end of June to those with symptoms. So while there has been a continual increase since then there is more testing and we have to wonder if the justification for ‘going on the list’ is well founded? 

New cases in Valais

The numbers have increased in the last few weeks, but not hugely. When compared to the cities our increases are low. 

This screenshot from 31st August 2020 shows the new reported cases for the cantons of:

  • Geneva (yellow)
  • Zurich (blue)
  • Valais (red)

The situation in Zermatt

Well, in terms of the weather it’s colder in the last week and feels like we have made the turn into Autumn. So this will be interesting to see how the numbers are affected. The kids are back at school (as they were for 5 weeks post lockdown, which had no effect on the numbers), restaurants are open and there is still a healthy buzz in the village. 

People are visiting, enjoying the mountains and being outside. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that continues towards the winter.

Henry Meredith Hardy

Henry Meredith Hardy

Henry is one of the owners of Summit and has been in Zermatt since 2000. He came to the mountains to ski and still loves it. Henry also works as a trainer for BASI and heads up out various training programs.

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